Jennifer Price

Jennifer is a technology enthusiast and an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor with a passion for making a difference in students’ lives. Jennifer began her passion for languages and culture in 1996, when she was an exchange student in the middle east. Since then, she has travelled and worked in Europe, Australia and Asia. In 2010, Jennifer

received her Master’s in TESOL and Information Communication Technology at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. She has taught ESL in South Korea, San Diego, Portland Oregon, and currently teaches at Oregon State University. Looking towards a new future in learning and teaching, Jennifer’s is ready to redefine conventional learning at Global XR Academy.


Lauren Alva

After receiving her B.A. in American Literature and Culture and M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages, Lauren began her experience as an educator working with English language learners in higher education both internationally and within the US.

Her goal as an educator and instructional designer has been to develop engaging and interactive learning experiences that are accessible to and inclusive of diverse communities of learners. What makes Lauren most excited about being a part of the team at Global XR Academy is that through educational technology and immersive learning they can reach and optimize learning for a wide range of learners.


Julie A. McGeorge

Julie has been involved in the English language space since 2005 and has a master’s in Distance Education and E-Learning. She has contributed to the field through teaching, training, launching English training centers, working for start-ups, developing curriculum and assessment, conducting small- and large-scale research projects, and writing

differentiation considerations for language learners across modalities.
Julie is eager to combine her passion for pedagogy with the opportunities that technology provides to redefine the potential of EdTech. She is excited about navigating the emerging educational landscape through Global XR Academy as educators and learners rethink what 21st century skills look like.


Erna Kucanin

With a keen passion for language learning and over a decade of teaching experience in Higher Education, Erna has positively impacted Toronto’s ESL public (LINC programs) and private sector (EAP programs). Over the years, Erna has played a vital role in assisting faculty in course design and integrating appropriate learning

technologies to meet program learning outcomes. Erna is currently completing her MA at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, in Curriculum and Pedagogy with a collaborative specialization in Knowledge Media Design and a research focus on XR technologies in Education.


Jay Schnoor

Jay has over a decade of experience in the international education and development industry. He has recruited students in 52+ countries for 24 different university programs in the UK and US. He did research in education and community development in Cairo during the Arab Spring and loves to “think around.” His strengths are centered around

relationships, team building and collaborations. He truly believes that exposure to international education for every global student is the way to lasting global peace. Jay has dedicated himself to one professional goal: “create more access to international education to all global students and change the way we access that education."