Provide global access to learners and teachers to engage through XR

Global XR Academy is the first stop in your journey to find and host quality materials and participate in groundbreaking educational experiences. GXRA is a space for curriculum designers, teachers, students — and everyone in between — to engage with dedicated content for K-12, college, career, and beyond. 

GXRA was launched in 2021 by a group of forward-thinking educators eager to look beyond pandemic disruption to an educational landscape offering more interactive spaces and experiences. GXRA is an innovative education platform and marketplace offering a variety of classes in Virtual Reality. Unlike traditional brick and mortar classes—and even traditional e-learning experiences — GXRA has redefined what it means to learn online. Through the GXRA marketplace, expert educators from around the globe offer rich and engaging courses in VR, allowing students to become not just active learners but immersive learners. Through the GXRA marketplace, knowledge is transformed into revolutionary learning experiences.


to have the most visited and renowned XR learning site in the world


Access, LTX (Learner and Teacher Experience), Transparency, Creativity, Support

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