Global XR Academy Launches Website and Marketplace

Global XR Academy Launches Website and Marketplace

News provided by Global XR Academy

February 10, 2022

Global XR Academy (GXRA) is proud to announce the launch of their new site, which went live in beta mode in January 2022.

This site serves as a marketplace for educators and learners alike who are eager to teach, learn, and experience education in VR-supported environments. Educators can post their courses and enroll cohorts through the marketplace while gaining the interest and engagement of learners from around the world. Learners can register for academic or high-interest courses depending on their needs.  

Courses offered through the GXRA Marketplace take advantage of a wide range of current VR platforms and hardware to deliver high-quality immersive lessons, workshops, labs, and much more! Marketplace offerings include credit-bearing, university-level courses alongside niche, in-demand options; specific certifications are offered next to online associate degrees. There is truly something for everyone in the GXRA Marketplace!

  • If you are part of an institution that offers VR courses and programs, Global XR Academy is the resource you need to broaden your reach. Offer and promote credit-bearing courses or other learning experiences through the GXRA Marketplace, and watch your enrollments grow!
  • If you are a learner interested in VR who wants to see which offerings pique your personal or professional interests, Global XR Academy is the one-stop shop with course options that satisfy your availability and budget.
  • Whether you’re a VR pro or you’re dipping your toes in for the first time, Global XR Academy’s Equipment Store has everything you need to engage in diverse VR experiences.

Check out the Global XR Academy site to see which options work best for your needs and reach out to the GXRA team at for more information. What will your VR learning journey be? See you in the GXRA marketplace!